Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires – Movies and Events walkthrough


01. Bound by Brotherhood: Play The Yellow Turban Campaign

02. Demon King: Play Alliance Against Dong Zhuo Campaign. Do not play Dong Zhuo Forces

03. A Destiny Unfulfilled: Play Alliance against Dong Zhuo. Do not play Sun Jian Forces

04. Rise of the Conqueror: Play The Warlord Rivalry Campaign

05. Against the Wind: Play The Battle of Guan Du Campaign. Do no play Sun Ce Forces

06. A Battle for Pride: Play The Battle of Guan Du Campaign

07. The Dragon’s Path: Play The Battle of Chi Bi Campaign

08. Early Signs of Trouble: Play The Three Kingdoms Campaign

09. Continuing Ambition: Play The Three Kingdoms Campaign. Do not play or destroy Cao Cao Forces, and play until 220 AD

10. A Rebellion of Allegiance: Play The Northern Campaigns. Do not play or destroy Wei Forces, and play until 230 or 231 AD


01. Take Up Arms: Start Conquest Mode

02. Founding a Nation: Claim independence as a vagrant army leader or as a high-ranking officer of a territory with several S-rank officers

03. Oath of Brotherhood: Reach S-rank relationship with an officer. They will ask to see you to ask to swear to a brotherhood, or you can initiate. You can have up to three oath siblings

04. Bereavement: Your spouse or oath sibling dies in battle. Officer deaths need to be turned on at the beginning of the campaign, and even then, this might be difficult to trigger. You have to let your family member get injured (getting captured by the enemy or running out of troops do not count). Make sure the redeploy timer reaches 0 when they return to the battlefield, and make sure you have enough troops for your family member to expend. Their second defeat will result in death. You must win the battle to trigger the event

05. To New Era: Post-credit event. Your spouse must be alive

06. Arrow of Aid: Raise your relationship with an officer of the opposite gender to at least 75 (A-rank)

07. Elite Troops: Be a General or higher rank, and have a high level of Command. At the end of the event, you will receive a gift

08. Confession: If not already married, an S-rank officer will request to see you. You can also initiate the confession instead

09. Wedding: Event plays immediately after accepting confession

10. Appointed Emperor: Your rank must be King. After some time, Emperor Xian will offer you the title of Emperor. It is also possible for you to achieve Emperor status without Emperor Xian

11. Grand Banquet: Event can be triggered mid-game when you have a kingdom and have family (spouse and/or oath siblings) or officers with high-ranked relationships

12. A Meditative Game: Must have a high Ingenious level. An officer will request to see you

13. A Chaotic Game: A variation of “A Meditative Game”

14. Touched by Benevolence: Event can be triggered after you raise your Benevolence level higher than Evil

15. Shaken by Evil: Event can be triggered after you raise your Evil level higher than Benevolence

16. Dance 1: Event can be triggered male characters after The Wedding

17. Dance 2: Event can be triggered female characters after The Wedding

18. Benevolent Ruler: Mid-game version of “Touched by Benevolence”. Keep Benevolence level much higher than Evil (or raise Benevolence level higher than Evil for the first time mid-game. Please correct me if I’m wrong!)

19. Splendor: Event is triggered randomly when you are the ruler of the most powerful and wealthiest kingdom. Event might be difficult to obtain due to RNG

20. Despot: Max out Evil level

21. Capture: During a battle, an enemy Musou officer will buff themselves (with a white aura) after being defeated (may take more than one defeat for buff to occur). Defeating them again will allow you to capture them. (Equipping Surrounding Soldiers as your military unit can increase the chances of capturing an officer)

22. Side by Side: Enter battle with an oath sibling for the first time

23. Benevolent Governance: Unite China with Benevolence level higher than Evil

24. Corrupt Governance: Unite China with Evil level higher than Benevolence

25. Five Tigers Assemble: Be a ruler and have officers as your Generals/Tactician/Grand General. Family (spouse/oath siblings) may also be in this event

26. War Dance: Unite China without any family (spouse/oath sibling). You can also trigger this event if you are not a ruler, but the ruler you serve does not have any known family (example: your ruler is a non-Musou officer)

27. Comrade in Arms: Unite China without assigning any officer to a position

28. Path to Good: Event plays after getting “Benevolent Governance”

29. Path to Evil: Event plays after getting “Corrupt Governance”

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