Amnesia: Memories walkthrough – Shin


SHIN (シン)
CV: Kakihara Tetsuya


I thought I should add some FAQs here since I don’t want to make a separate post for them, haha. Thank you everyone who helped me out with the missing CGs and trophies info!

MISSING CGs IN SHIN AND TOMA’S GALLERIES: This refers to the air hockey intermission CGs. You can get them in Ukyo’s route. Follow the answers in Ukyo’s post for his bad ending, and you’ll be able to get them.

IF YOU’RE MISSING ANY VARIATION OF A CERTAIN CG: All you need to do is replay that scene from the gallery and choose answers you didn’t previously choose.

MEMORIES TROPHIES: These are all based on CG completion. Unlock all CGs for each character to receive his respective trophy. The answers listed in all five walkthroughs will lead you to all CGs.

TROPHIES/CGs FROM THE MINI-GAME: There are five trophies you can receive from the mini-game. Finish all stages with all five guys to unlock them. Doing so will also unlock two CGs under “etc” along the way.

SHORT STORIES TROPHY: Read all short stories (under EXTRA on the menu)

VOICE TROPHY: In the gallery, some CGs have a little flower icon in the corner. When you view that CG, touch the image in various places to hear different lines. (There should be five lines per image: three short lines and two long lines.) You don’t need to hear each line fully, in case you tapped too quickly. The trophy will unlock once you’ve heard all lines. (Thank you Kashi for telling me about this!)

NOTE: I translated a well-used Japanese guide to match the answer choices in the English version of the game. I also double-checked all (even triple-checked some) routes to make sure the answers I listed are correct. If you’re not getting the ending you’re aiming for using this guide, please try to play it one more time with a clean save file. If you’re still not getting the ending you want, then I’ll look into it again. Thanks!


– I see a strange-looking kid…
– No, I understood…
– All right…
– I appreciate it
– I think so
– You might be overthinking it…
– (make a save file here before the route select to save yourself a little time for other playthroughs)
– Heart World


– You could at least knock

– I’m not very good with directions…
– Is black tea okay?
– No need to go to any trouble


– Will you buy me a cake, then?
– Why would you ask that?
– I didn’t want to go back to the hospital
– What’s with these injuries?
– Did you apologize to my dad at the hospital?
– A little bit

– Will you buy me a cake, then?
– Why would you ask that?
– I didn’t know if I could trust you
– What’s with these injuries?
– A memory just came back to me
– I’m okay


– … Thanks for telling me
– That sounds fine
– No, I didn’t mind…
– You made me cry after my performance?
– I don’t want a lot of people to know

– Is this contact info real?
– I don’t really feel like walking
– Yeah, I’m sorry…
– I’m fine, I just remembered something…
– I can’t trust other people


– Welcome back, Master
– Have you decided, Master?
– Yes, Master
– Thanks for coming here even though you’re busy
– Welcome back, Master

– Welcome, dear customer
– Welcome back, Master
– What would you like to have?
– I’ll be back in just a moment
– I’m sorry, you had more important things to do
– Welcome, dear customer


– Are you here to pick me up?
– Everyone helped me out

– What happened with prep school?
– Everyone helped me out


– Tell me more about the accident
– So Shin came to find me?
– Is Shin okay?

– Tell me more about the accident
– I remember being found
– But I’m sure it was Shin who found me


– Thank you, Toma 

– Shin isn’t at fault here


– Yes, I believe you
– I was saved thanks to you, Shin

– I still need to think about it a bit more
– I think your calmness is amazing


– Were you searching for me as well?

– Who started this love triangle rumor?


– Sorry Toma, Shin and I were going to go out
– That is kind of how I see you
– Just… don’t be too forceful

– All three of us should hang out


– Do… you want to see some fireworks today?
– Would you be okay with it being so loud?
– It’s because you made the effort

– I’m sorry, it’s nothing


– I’m very sorry
– What’s happening with Shin?
– I was running in the dark and slipped
– I was a bit embarrassed that he was so close
– I don’t know
– I don’t remember
– No way

– I’m very sorry
– What’s happening with Shin?
– …
– …
– …
– My neck
– …


– That memory might not be of the accident

– Shin might be hiding something


– Who searched for me that day?
– …
– (make a save file here to branch off to the Normal End)

– How was Shin feeling that day?
– Shin’s still a suspect…


– If it’s all right, I would like to walk with Toma
– Okay, just while we’re eating…
– This isn’t like you…

– If it’s all right, I would like to walk with Toma
– Okay, just while we’re eating…
– But it’s not troubling me

– If it’s all right, I would like to walk with Toma
– Okay, just while we’re eating…


– I heard you rescued me
– Was I conscious when you found me?

– I heard you rescued me
– Is it true that Shin stayed back at the lodge?


– Please tell me how to contact the owner
– Go with Toma
– Could I ask why?


– I really wanted to see you…
– What kind of clue?

– Are you okay?
– But I was waiting for you to come back…

– Are you okay?
– But I was waiting for you to come back…
– Okay, I believe you… 


– (choose all options)
– Shin, do you have a minute?

– (choose all options)
– It won’t take me very long…


– Yeah, it’s fine
– Was this what you were saying before?
– I was just so happy to remember again…
– Someone tried to help me
– (make a save file here to get Bad End 1, listed below)
– Shin
– Can I sleep next to you…?
– Are you scared…?

– Wouldn’t it be better for us to go together?
– What are you saying?
– I just spaced out a bit from the memory…
– I don’t remember
– Toma

BAD END 1 (“I’m not the culprit”)
Sawa (or Ukyo)
– Were you the culprit…?


– Okay…
– Sorry, I’m coming
– Were you in the band with me?
– Toma

– Why?
– I’d actually rather just go home…
– Shin, what is this?
– Toma

– Why?
– I’d actually rather just go home…
– Shin, what is this?
– Shin


– What kind of kid was Shin?


– I want to go see a movie
– … It’s a promise, okay?
– I don’t think I can sing like before

– I want to go to a fancy cafe
– … It’s a promise, okay?

– We should study together
– But you had someone watching me, too…


– That wasn’t the case yesterday

GOOD END: “I love you. I really love you”
NORMAL END: “I will steal you away”
BAD END 2: “May you dream forever…”

Bad End 1: You can choose either Sawa or Ukyo. Both will lead to variations of this Bad End.

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100 Responses to Amnesia: Memories walkthrough – Shin

  1. Linnéa says:

    Thank you so much! ♥

  2. S Moon says:

    I tried to go on the Normal end path but I ended up going on the Bad end =/. Will you be revising this walk through after you’re done with the game?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Really!? Yeah, I’ll definitely revise it. I made this walkthrough alongside while I was trying to get the good end and just translated from the Japanese guide D: before the paths split, did you answer all the choices for the good end? I was told that was key to getting the normal end.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Hi! I just played through Shin’s route again and was able to get the Normal End using the answers in this guide. Be sure to choose all the answers for the Good End up until August 16 when the answers split! That’s how I was able to get it.

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you so much! With this guide I easily got the good ending! I noticed that a lot of answers I would have chosen would have gotten me the bad ending…. can’t wait for the rest of the walkthroughs!!!!!!

  4. Becky says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!!! I went thru Shins story 2 times and never got an ending. I got frustrated and went searching for walkthroughs (when I figured there would still be none) and found your little gem of walkthroughs! Again thank you so so so much!!!!

  5. kelsey says:

    Thanks Ive been stuck with normal end for shin lol

  6. Kashi says:

    I am also super happy about this guide I was upset cause I figured it would take months for me to even get one good ending but now that’s not a problem. Seems I’m super bad at this kind of game lol Hakuoki and this game are two different ball games it seems ugh too many bars to keep track of. But I have a question for the BAD ENDS does that mean on THAT day it’ll lead to a bad ending or does it mean eventually it will lead to one? I don’t plan on using this guide yet till I at least finish the blind walkthrough I’m doing right now on Kent’s (will later do blind runs for the other two that I haven’t finished) so figured I’d ask.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I feel you; the first time I played amnesia, I played toma’s route and was like, WHAT’S WITH THESE BARS??? And was so confused until the end of August, haha.

      As for the bad ends, they either happen on that day, or that day is the last answer for a bad end, and you just wait until the game ends. I hope that made sense! ;w; there are some bad ends that make the game end abruptly.

  7. Kawaii Inu says:

    Thanks for this guide! I was blindly going through this route on my first try but I have a CG that is missing. Have you managed to get the air hockey cg (cg #16 hearts versus spades)? I have been through every dialog option but it still does not appear…

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I have! I got it while I was going through both the good and normal ends. I’m guessing you must be on good terms with Shin for it to appear, so try to run through the game again with this the answers for the good end!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Oops, sorry about that! I was mistaking your missing CG for another one. Not all of in-between CGs will appear in that respective character’s route, so you’ll have to go through everyone’s route at least once to get all CGs. I’m also missing this CG as well as Toma’s air hockey CG, so let me get back to you on where it is ;w;

  8. Sira says:

    I followed your walkthrough but I have a cg that’s missing. It’s the hearts vs spades picture

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Hello!! If you saw my reply to another commenter above, I actually mistook that CG for another one, haha. Not all of the in-between CGs will appear in the respective characters’ routes, so you’ll have to play through everyone at least once. I’ll get back to you on where the Hearts vs Spade CG is, though!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Hi! I was able to get Shin and Toma’s missing intermission CGs when I was going through Ukyo’s bad ending. The answers in Ukyo’s post will lead you to those ^o^

  9. Kawaii Inu says:

    Yeah I have two cgs that are missing, one from Shin and the other from Toma… Maybe we haven’t unlocked them yet and they are in Ukyo’s route? I just unlocked Ukyo so if I manage to find them I will let you know too.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I finally got them! I got both of shin and toma’s missing intermission CGs when I was going through Ukyo’s bad ending. (Honestly am not sure if they’re dependent on certain answers, but I used the answers from the Japanese guide, so I posted those on Ukyo’s English guide, too!)

      But now I’m missing 5 and 13 in etc… (I’m assuming 13 is when you get 100%, but I’m not positive.) if you happen to find out #5 though, let me know!! ;w;

  10. Andy says:

    I have PC version of this. So if i follow your guide will i be able to get the Good ending or does this works on only psvita version ?

  11. Andy says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

  12. S Moon says:

    Ah, sorry for the late reply! I was picking the bad choices for the normal route ^^”. I’ll go back and pick the good ones. Thanks for the clarification!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I revised the walkthrough to hopefully be easier to follow now; please let me know if you have any questions!! ;w;

  13. Angela says:

    I think I’m missing two of cgs from Shin as well to it be a completion of his gallery. If I were to number them, then they would be #32 and #29. Thank you so much for your guide and I would definitely appreciate if you are anybody in the comments can help get these last two. I don’t know if I have to get them in other routes or from other endings besides Shin’s good ending route, so T.T. I also didn’t do a perfect good ending using the entire route you laid out, since I only saw this guide mid-way into Shin’s route, so sorry about that~

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Hi! Sorry, I’m a little confused about your numbering of the CGs because Shin only has 19 CGs? (I think? I don’t have my Vita on me, haha)

      But! The two CGs we were having trouble with were #17 in Shin’s and #17 in Toma’s. In case those happen to be the ones you’re missing as well, I was able to get them while I was going through Ukyo’s bad end! (The answers I chose are listed in Ukyo’s post ^o^)

      Also, there isn’t a perfect good ending or anything, as far as I know…!! You can have some different answers and still get the good ending. I simply translated the Japanese walkthrough and matched them with the answers in the localized game. But the Japanese walkthrough I was using was able to get me all CGs except for #5 and #13 in etc, so you can use this guide to get nearly all of your CGs! I’ll update it as soon as I find out how to get the ones I’m missing (which I’m guessing is just answer choices I didn’t choose from Ukyo’s playthrough)

  14. Kashi says:

    I now have all the images. In order to get all the images for each character you need to have done every single ending for every character because as Annette (the owner of this guide) said you get loading screen ones from other routes. Although for Shin I remember needing to go into the Gallery and use triangle to replay scene to get his third on the top row completed but if its just one image by itself most likely its from another story so long as you have done all the endings for Shin (the bad as well). For the remaining two images for etc you need to at least beat 3 people in each of the mini games and voila all unlocked. The only trophy I’m missing at this point is for the hidden voices. If anyone knows if you need to actually LISTEN to all the voices let me know otherwise I’m missing one…somewhere. Again thanks for the awesome guide =o Oh and I was also wondering if you were planning on doing Norns9 or Code:Realize when they come out?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      AHHHHH omg thanks so much for letting me know about the mini-game! I… have not even touched the mini-game once, haha.

      As for that voice trophy, I haven’t gotten it either… What exactly are hidden voices? (like, are they literally hidden, or do you just have to go through all dialogue choices?) If I’m able to get it though, I’ll let you know!

      And yes, I’m planning on doing Norn9 and Code: Realize when they come out! Hopefully work won’t be too hectic then, but I’ll get it done, one way or another, haha ;w;

  15. Kashi says:

    Great I’ll have a partial guide then for them lol I’m so happy you managed to get it up so fast. Honestly if I had had a guide and no work, school etc probably would’ve beaten it within a day or two. Luckily was off this weekend. Actually let’s say it was awkward playing Toma’s story at the school library um…But you’re quite welcome =o Happy to help after all the help you gave me. But for the voices if you go into the Gallery and look at the images for individual characters you’ll notice this weird symbol on some of them. If you go into full screen with one and tap around (typically on the guy) he’ll say random things. Most seem to have 4-5 but I’m not sure if I actually have to listen to ALL of the VO or if i just have to make the subs come up. I’ll try tapping around with it some more I guess and see if anything happens. I’m starting to suspect that there might be more than I thought per image. Oh also as a note even if the image has 2/2 you need to switch and do the other one too since he says different things lol

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’m so excited for both of those games!! And I’m super, super excited for code realize for some reason *w* suddenly there’s going to be all of this otome, and idk where to store all of my boyfriends haha

      I’m glad to be of help!! ;w; omg I was playing toma’s at work… I was playing it while my student was taking his practice test hahaha… I hope he didn’t catch me making weird faces.

      Thanks so much again for telling me about the voices! I seriously didn’t notice the symbols on the CGs… lies down… I’ll go mess with it when I get home and will let you know if I’m able to get the trophy!

  16. Kashi says:

    Yosh! I was finally able to get it. Each image has 5 different voices and there are 7 images for each character (including each of the 2/2 ones). Basically I just tapped around till I got 5 different subs to pop up. Three will appear in one place which tend to be short one liners and in two other places are longer ones. You DO NOT need to listen to all the VO so tap to your hearts content. Honestly I read far too fast especially in the main story to wait on them to finish speaking when I can only understand them somewhat anyway lol Honestly for the two otome games I’m not really sure what to think of them just yet. In the least should be a new experience from Hakuouki which I’ve played like…5+ times all routes Amnesia definitely was. Oh Toma you whacko you; not sure if he’s better or worse than Ukyo since they both have a tendency to…well you know don’t wanna spoil other people…
    If anyone needs help finding all the touchy places Japanese version of the game but still the same exact thing cept for Kent who in this version have one extra voice (in Memories all have 5):

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Thanks again sooooo much for telling me about the voices (and for the link)!! ;w; I wouldn’t have noticed without you, hehe.

      About Toma/Ukyo, idk who’s crazier… like I watched the anime a while back and liked toma (despite, you know), and I wanted to hear more because it was right after I had played DMMd, so I wanted to hear more of Hino’s voice, HAHA. And I was sweating so hard because I don’t usually care for incredibly yandere guys, but I really like Toma… Questioning my life choices. But now I think Kent’s my favorite because I like awkward losers, ahaha

  17. Kawaii Inu says:

    Haha you beat me to it! I got the two missing Shin and Toma cgs from Ukyo’s route by selecting the option to walk with him during the festival instead of standing and talking. Wow there’s hidden voices too… I should take a look at the trophies in more detail…

    There’s so much to do in this game! I hope that Amnesia Later, Crowd and World will be translated too along with Hakuouki SSL ^-^

    I have Code:Realize and Norn9 pre-ordered too. Can’t wait for more otome games. I still need my Amnesia Memories box to arrive in the mail. Did you purchase that too?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I hope they’ll do the rest of the Amnesia series, too!! I need more of these boys in my life, hehe. And yes, I bought the box, too! I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail, but I heard everything was pretty good quality ^o^ I’m excited!!

  18. Angela says:

    Ah! You’ll have to excuse me, you were right about my numbering of the cg’s being odd. There were 34 IN TOTAL including the four routes /facepalms. But I finally got one of the cgs through the normal ending from Shin (I love you Shin, but so much info being thrusted at my face ;;_;;). And yeah, I now just read the comments about the missing cg’s correlation with finishing the other routes for their loading screens XD. Thank you very much WelcometoWonderland and Kashi for the tips! Sorry for the derp-a-derp confusion.

    And Kawaii Inn! I am playing Amnesia off Steam since I don’t have a PS3/4 XD. I do want a PS Vita though to play some of the newer games like you mentioned though XD. *cough* KLAP *cough*

    • welcometowonderland says:

      It’s no problem at all!! Please let me know if you have any other questions! ;w;

      I REALLY WANT TO PLAY KLAP, TOO!! It sounds right up my alley, hahaha ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

  19. Kashi says:

    I think everyone is screaming at Aksys to publish Hakuouki SSL and they’re being asses and not saying anything <.< As for the box yup its sitting over there I was a sucker enough to get it even if with shipping it was like 56 bucks. I can't wait till the other two come out in November but I don't have them preordered I'll wait for a LE to be announced or closer to the date not like there's gonna be a rush on them lol Honestly I want another otome game NOW for the sake of my "I wanna play a otome game" mood but I guess I'll have to make do with Steins;Gate and Danganronpa…Sad how there's MGSV coming out tomorrow and here I am getting a bunch of Vita games haha

    • welcometowonderland says:

      FOR REAL THOUGH, I had thought the Hakuouki series was doing at least somewhat well outside Japan, but…!? I really need SSL ^q^ I keep holding off from just buying the JP version because what if they announce a localization after I buy it? Haha

  20. Angela says:

    Haha WelcometoWonderland, I see the inner Do-S in you. >:]

    And I agree with you…. ah ah~ I hope the rest of Amnesia comes too XD

  21. Hey, WTW, thanks so much for this guide. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a dude or just naturally dense in these circumstances, but I seem to be terrible at this game. My heroine has a massive affection stat for tsundere Kent, but the trust level is still below half and the month is already halfway through. I’m going to continue this playthrough blind, but will absolutely be using your guide to get 100%. So glad you made this.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’m glad to be of help!! ;w; also I’m really happy to see more guys playing otome games! How are you liking Amnesia so far?

  22. Okay, I just have to say, THANK YOU FOR THESE WALKTHROUGHS/GUIDES. I am so happy to be able to finally play this game and get my endings properly. You are a heart saver. Thank you so so much. _:(´□`」 ∠):_

  23. I try to support the Japanese releases importing stateside as much as I can, and I love VN, so I picked it up on that knowledge alone. When I realized it was otome, I laughed, but it’s actually really addicting, trying to figure the guy out and help my amnesiac protagonist hook up. Orion bugs me a little with his constant intrusions and freak-outs, but I guess everyone could use an invisible gay best friend/interdimensional bug-person, even if he is hyper-emotional. Also, the premise is really intriguing, I like that I have five entirely different scenarios to explore, the writing is funny and the artwork is wonderful.

  24. Oh, and I love the Anime-style ad-break / transition screens, and the music reminds me of A Fish Called Wanda’s theme. So yeah, I’m really enjoying this, WAY more than I thought I would.

    One question. In the mini games, the guys get more difficult as you go according to the list of worlds you had to choose from in the beginning. Are there play throughs the same way? Like, I started with Clover, so I have Kent right now, and his story is pretty difficult. When I go back to heart, will that storyline be easier, or are they all the same difficulty?

  25. Kashi says:

    Yes the mini games are more difficult but only in the sense from left to right as far as I can tell. That is Ukyo is the hardest he kicked my ass super hard in RPS when Shin made me rage quit his haha As for the actual story no they’re all about the same although I suppose Ukyo’s the hardest since A his unlocks after all the good endings are unlocked and B because he has like SEVEN bad endings while the others have 2-3. Actually WTW I’m watching the anime now since um just remembered I have it haha. I have a policy of watching the anime AFTER playing the game and at the time it came to the US on DVD the game was already announced for NA so just decided to wait. Only game I’ve been unlucky to play after the anime is Steins;Gate but I don’t regret it since the anime is one of my top 5 favorites. I’m super curious as to which person they follow in the anime which at first I was guessing Shin like they did with Hakuouki that is Toshi but now since I know Ukyo’s story is intertwined with the EXISTENCE of the story I’ve changed my mind. Won’t go into details since SPOILERS.

    • Wait, there’s an Anime?! I’m so watching that after getting 100% on this game!

      Yes, the last RPS was certainly rage-inducing. I just kept quitting whenever he got two points higher than me. His smug smirk of satisfaction every time he scored made my eventual victory all the sweeter. And thanks for clarifying the difficulty, good to know that I’m going to fail just as badly in every other scenario as in Kent’s. At least I won’t fail harder until the last one with the multitude of bad endings. The thing is, even though it looks like I’m on my way to a normal ending instead of good, it’s still a really enjoyable experience.

      Danganronpa and Steins: Gate might be better games, but in those I was constantly worried about making the wrong decision, and saving so I could go back, like holding onto the previous choice page in a Choose Your Own Adventure so I can cheat if I didn’t like the result. In this, I’m perfectly fine with seeing where the story goes first. It’s actually very relaxing.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Sorry for my late reply! Thank you so much for answering themaninthealley’s question about the mini-game since I still haven’t gotten around to playing it yet!! ;w;

      I usually watch the anime after playing the game as well, but somehow Amnesia was my exception because I just wanted to hear Hino’s voice ASAP, ahaha. I guess Utapri as well, but I feel like the anime is on a different level than the games admfldmsld

      I really want to play Steins;gate! I’ve heard lots of good things about it, but I haven’t gotten around to watching the anime either ;w;

  26. Kashi says:

    With visual novels I tend to either not press the quick save enough and screw up later and have to redo everything or press it too much haha. I remember spamming the hell out of it first in Sweet Fuse for the PSP after that whenever I’m unsure I’ll do one then when it didn’t go the way I liked or I want to see the other choice quick load. I remember one time with Sweet Fuse got me in trouble because I was over halfway done this one story then dropped my PSP and the game came flying out sooooo…had to start COMPLETELY over lol With S;G I only had it auto save when before every chapter and I also manual saved if when I had to quit that was it. Granted from what I remember it didn’t have a quick save but still. For DR it’s been so long since I played it I honestly can’t remember what I did…Pretty sure in the trials I saved every few seconds it seemed.

  27. insightblue says:

    Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for these walkthroughs!! They are incredibly helpful and well put together. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

  28. Kashi says:

    Everyone should give S;G a try even tho its a sorta kinda in the looseish sense of the word dating sim. I mean there are like 5 endings each with a different girl tech 6 but two are the same girl one normal and a true ending. Surprised me that I enjoyed it so much luckily there was only one thing of fan service I can really think of. But if anyone has any questions for S;G Amnesia or just to chat or whatever feel free to add me on Skype name’s Kashi Canpy the user name is kashi.marie I’ll have the persona 5 protagonist as my picture. Really would like to chat with WTW if your ok with it if not guess I’ll see you come November lol I’ll probably hang around a couple more days though

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I would love to chat with you!! I don’t use Skype very much honestly; do you have Twitter? *w* my Twitter is @dolceconaffetto. (My skype is andantino.dolcissimo in case I’m ever on, haha)

      Also I’m SO HYPED for P5!!!!

  29. Kashi says:

    I don’t have a twitter since I don’t like the way it works but it would be great if you could come on skype once and awhile =o I’m pretty much always online even when I’m at work or in class obviously wont answer in those cases though. Well sent it anyway maybe that’ll give you more of an initiative to pop on haha Also have a FB if you go on that more but SAME i really hope Atlus isnt being BS when they say we’ll have it by the end of the year. I dont have my hopes up but this is Atlus so perhaps there is some at least…

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Sure, I’ll do my best to sign on as much as I can!! I also use FB kind of regularly now (in attempt to have a social life, haha), so you can add me there as well if you want ;w; My URL for FB is alwaysonmymind!

      There’s only a few months left for this year, so I’m so anxious because we haven’t heard anything yet… Like if they’re going to be true to their word, are they just suddenly going to drop it on us in December or something!?!?

  30. jakee2sweet says:

    I just played shin’s story for the first time and got the happy ending. However, I am missing pics 14 and 17 from the gallery. I have not played the bad or normal routes yet and I have not played anyone elses stories either. Will these pics only appear in the bad/normal routes? I plan on playing them anyway but I would just like a definite answer. Thanks!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      They appear in Ukyo’s route. I got them while I was going through his bad end, and the answers I listed on his post will lead them to those CGs.

  31. Kashi says:

    They better not I need to save up for that probably ridiculously priced CE lol But yes sent (at least I think its the right person haha) a friend request on FB. There’s other people super hyped for Fallout 4 or till earlier this week MGSV then theres me: only wants Persona and otome games haha

    • welcometowonderland says:

      SAME. That would be the only reason why I don’t want them to suddenly drop it on us before the end of the year… And then I’m also afraid the CE would sell out too fast T__T (also, are you me, haha)

      I got your request on FB and added you back!! ;w; sorry if my replies are sparse; there’s a con this weekend, so I’m going to be gone for it! hehe

  32. Whoa!! Total shock. I just finished the last route for Clover (thanks for that, by the way [I’ll be thanking you a lot for this]) and was too amped to start another before sleep; I expected it to be a different experience, but man! Within the first two days in Heart, everything is pretty much reversed from Clover’s revelations and rewards. I want to say more, but spoilers. Wow.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Sorry for my late reply; I was at a convention all weekend and hardly had any cell service!

      Anyway, isn’t it great!? I really like the different angles presented in each world, hehe. I’m really looking into importing the other Amnesia games because I’m itching to know the rest of the stories ;w;

  33. Kashi says:

    That is one thing I really love about this game: all the people’s routes are very diverse and even their situations are diverse as well. Each one has a sort of theme for each character. I will admit that even though I did Kent’s third I liked him the most. I swear I kept going dawwww when he would do something haha #notsorry

  34. Judany says:

    Thank you for the walkthrough!! I was wondering if anyone would know how to save up in a pc, because it doesnt let me save my progress 😦

  35. TheyKilledAlice says:

    First of all, thanks so much for the walkthrough, you’re a lifesaver! ;D
    My only question is that there is 1 CG in my Ukyo gallery missing (the one of him at his granddad’s house says I only have 1/2) despite following all the answers for the happy ending. Are there any special answers needed to unlock the second?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Let me get back to you on that because I’m at a convention this weekend, so I don’t have my vita with me ;w; I’ll try to play again on Tuesday or so in case someone else doesn’t answer you before I do! I did unlock all the CGs, but I’ll play through it again to see what’s up.

  36. yama says:

    hi, how do i get short shorties trophy?? i just finished ikki’s route and already unlock his memories. when i went back to title screen the below memories link is still under ‘???”

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Memories and short stories are different. I can’t remember at the moment, but I think you unlock short stories after finishing all five good endings. Then it’ll show up under you menu. After that, read all the short stories to get the trophy.

  37. Kurina Robin says:

    Holy geeeeez! I got the Normal Route first, and I was so disappointed! I mean, I’m happy he didn’t *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* but I really wanted a good ending on my first go! Anyway, thank you so much for writing this walkthrough! I’m so happy to finally see how it was meant to end! Although, I almost cried when the confrontation was reached… I’m so sorry, Toma.

    Anyway, onto what I wanted to say. Uwaaaaaaaah! That first bad end was so scary! The visuals for this game are so beautiful and detailed, but that was horrifying! I’m gonna have nightmares! What’s worse is that since I wanted to see both variations of the ending, I saw it twice! I can’t believe he was *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*!!! I wonder what happened after that in that ending? Was everyone else given the same fate for safety? Was the evidence disposed of?

    Well… should I complete the Bad End? That title terrifies me; Bad End 2: “May You Dream Forever”… that’s so foreboding! Is it worth it? Is it necessary? Are their extras that are locked unless I finish all the endings? Bad End 1 was bad enough! I still feel like *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* is going to walk in through my door and *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* me! M-must I…?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I felt so sorry for Toma in Shin’s good ending because it felt like they just shoved him to the side ;A; I’ll love you, Toma!

      I’m sure you’ve heard of all the rumors about Toma, so I will say that Shin’s Bad End 2 will just solidify those rumors, hahaha. But I can’t say much since I love Toma with all of my heart… (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) Bad End 2 isn’t as… squicky as Bad End 1 though, but it can be scary in a different way, ahaha. But if you want to get all the trophies in the game, then you will need to get all the bad endings (and subsequently, all the normal and good endings, too). I also like seeing all the endings filled in in the gallery ;w; Personally, I enjoyed all the bad endings because i also enjoyed how each world is different, so the bad ends are also unique and suit their respective worlds. (But maybe I’m not easily fazed because I usually enjoy bad endings in VNs… haha… hahaha…)

  38. Kurina Robin says:

    Oh, I haven’t just HEARD the rumors… I kind of saw one solidified.. in a way. I was in search of some Shin fanfiction – but now, in fear of more spoilers I have resolved to avoid Amnesia fanfiction – and I found one about Toma. But, then I noticed that.. Y word. I clicked on it out of curiosity and I saw a picture of him and MC-chan. They were alone and she was a little.. restricted.

    Oh no, I’m scared! I love Toma so much! He’s the character I USUALLY go for! But, since this is a game with an amnesiac as a main character, I got our serious, tsundere-esque Shin-chan first! I love the childhood-friend-that-was-in-love-with-the-MC-but-was-onii-chan-zoned characters!

    Aaaaaaah, I’m scared! I don’t want to hurt Toma, and I feel Bad End 2 will hurt Shin too! Aaah, but I had a feeling this would be the kind of game that makes all endings necessities. Ah, I hate this! I don’t want to taint Toma more! (Aaaaah, but is it bad I find Y word characters attractive too? I adore Tom-aniki so muuuuuch!) WHAT IS THIS GAME DOING TO ME!?

    -Suddenly hears a noise outside and grabs a plate.- I SWEAR, *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*, IF YOU COME IN HERE WITH A KNIFE I WILL HIT YOU, MAYBE!!! ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン

  39. Kurina Robin says:

    -Sobs in relief.- I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m spamming this post, but I’m so relieved! I just finished the bad ending after abusing the crap out of the Skip button. I was so scared to actually play through the bad ending route. I stopped skipping after “That wasn’t the case yesterday.”… Toma. Oh, Toma… I’m glad he made it quick. Then again, he did say he could never forgive anyone that hurt her. Oh, Toma… Shin, I’m so sorry I put you through that! I love you! Ah, I was alone with that guy! I was alone with the guy that scares me! I didn’t realise the bad end would have me INTERACT with him WITHOUT anyone else around! Gawds, I regret this decision so muuuuch! Ah, but it’s over. I never have to play through that ending ever again… I’m relieved. Thank you for making this walkthrough.

  40. yama says:

    hi, i need help for voice trophy, basically i got all cgs and tapped all 5 different VO for each characters i still cant get the trophies… any idea?

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  43. Rose says:

    Yama keep in mind that many of the gallery cgs have multiple versions of them. make sure you examine all versions of the special cgs. there should be a button you can press to cycle through them (it should say which one in the explanation bar at the bottom of the image. the one you can make go away).

  44. Fritziechan says:

    I got the normal ending exactly…with the phrase ‘i will you away’…it was ny first time playing it…if i just know that there is a walkthrough to get a good ending…i would have just read tis first before plaing the game…but thanks anyway…atleast it was a normal ending not the bad onw…(⌒^⌒)b

  45. leilaila says:

    Reblogged this on game guides.

  46. Zant says:

    Thank you a lot for this guide.

  47. lana says:

    Hi, do the answers you choose in the prologue before you choose a world affect the endings or no? just wondering because one or two different answers than in your guide.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      No, they don’t affect the endings (aside from which world you choose). The meter starts once you’ve chosen a world. You can be as rude as you want to Orion, haha

  48. Bingru Han says:

    Quick question, does it the heroine in the game voiced as well? I just got the premium edition on iPad and I don’t even see any lines from heroine other than the choices I have to make, the whole time was shin and Orion talking. is this because this is a iPad/iPhone version?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      She’s not voiced. This game is rather unique where her only dialogue for most of the game are her answer choices. If I remember correctly, toward the end of a route, she’ll start to speak more (it’ll make sense once you start playing, hehe).

  49. Natalie says:

    I’m trying to get the 4th picture on Shin’s gallery. I’ve gotten every single ending for every single person Ukyo included and I don’t have it. Am I doing something wrong?

    I’m also missing the 5th and the very last images under “etc”. How do I get those?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I don’t have my vita one me at the moment, and it also has been a while since I’ve played amnesia, so I don’t remember where each CG comes from ;A; But these walkthroughs were modeled after well-used Japanese walkthrough where the answers listed will lead you to all CGs. For Shin’s 4th CG, if you can, replay his route and make sure you choose the answers listed here for his happy ending.

      For the 5th and last etc CGs, I listed this in the FAQ section in this walkthrough, but you have to finish all stages with all five guys in the mini-game.

  50. Lucille says:

    I’ve only done a “blind” run on Shin’s path and I ended up getting Bad Ending 1 because I saw the anime and knew Ukyo’s a bit messed up. I figured why not pick him and see what happens.
    His face gave me nightmares….

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  52. Okey, now I’m confussed. What are CGs? I’m new at this visual novel games, Amnesia is the first one I play and after reading all this comments I ended up more confussed than before. I thought that the whole point of the game was getting the good ending for all of the characters and now you’re talking about images and cgs… WHAT IS THAT? Please, someone help me 😥

    • welcometowonderland says:

      CGs are the images you can get throughout the story. In Amnesia’s case, you can get trophies for collecting all the CGs.

  53. Sara says:

    That’s exactly why I wanted to learn english! haha
    I loved the anime, so when I knew that it’s based in a Visual Novel o_o I really had to play it. I’m new at Visual Novels and this sort of things, so I searched a lot to find a portuguese translation but I didn’t find any. However, I searched for an english translation and I find it. Ahn, I am trying to say that yout walkthrough helped me a lot ;-; that’s it.
    Thanks so much ❤

    (sorry if my english is bad D:, but thaks about the walktrought, anyway)

  54. Wonderland says:

    How do you unlock Ukyo rote?

  55. Himeru says:

    Hi ! I’ve got Amnesia and I had the normal route of Shin.
    It’s my first Otome on PC along with OZMAFIA! and I was wondering if the answer that lead to each ending was that rigid ? We have gauge and in some otome it’s the amount of gauge that lead to an ending whereas in other we need to have all the answer right for a good ending for exemple. Amnesia and OZMAFIA belong to the second categorie ?
    And I’m not sure I understand the ” Choose all options ” in this walkthrough
    (By the way sorry if It’s not the corect place for this questions and for my bad english I’m not a native speaker…)

    • welcometowonderland says:

      In terms of how strict you should follow a walkthrough, it depends on the game. For both Amnesia and OZMAFIA!!, the times I strayed away from a walkthrough out of curiosity gave me different endings, so at least for these two games, I’d rather stick with the answers that have been tried and true, haha.

      As for choosing all options, you can click through all options available, and it won’t affect the gauge. But choosing the last option will allow you to proceed in the story

  56. Himeru says:

    Thanks you so much for the reply and the.explanation ӦvӦ
    I’ll try all route once and came back to see your walktrough (thanks for making them by de way)

  57. Maipoxx says:

    Do i NEED to play the bad/normal endings? My heart usually cant take them 😦 I dont care for trophys or 100% completion. My only maybe issue would be with the pictures and of course if they unlock extra scenarios or routes.

  58. SUSU9 says:

    Thanks!! I love amnesia game but I spend too many hours playing, that hepls me!

  59. Anna maria says:

    Hey Im having difficult getting the bad ending 1 and I think I read the walktrough exact as written I still get normal ending why? Or are the save memo on the wrong path I mean logicly shouldn’t I play the bad ending alternatives up to that point then save because now it says to do the good/normal ending route up to that save point

  60. indigo793 says:

    Reblogged this on Lo que cuenta Indigo.

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