Here’s a list of characters and stories I have yet to purchase or haven’t had time to play yet, therefore haven’t listed their answer choices in their respective walkthroughs.

If there’s a story you’d like me to add to a walkthrough, or if there’s even a game you’d like me to check out (for example, a Japanese game if you’re having trouble with the language barrier), please request it in the comments! I’ll do my best to help you ;w;

(Last updated 1.9.2016)
(On hiatus until further notice!)

To-do list:
– Neko Mura walkthrough
– TMGS3 walkthrough
– Finish Storm Lover Kai! walkthrough


Pirates in Love

– Christopher (sequel)
– Thomas (sequel) *
– Morgan (sequel) *
– Alan (sequel) *
– Leonardo (sequel) *
– Russell (second sequel)
– Christopher (second sequel)
– Nathan (second sequel)
– Thomas (second sequel)
– Morgan (second sequel)
– Alan (second sequel)

My Forged Wedding

– Kyouichi (wedding)
– Saeki (honeymoon)
– Takao (honeymoon)
– Kunihiko (honeymoon)
– Kyouichi (honeymoon)
– Akito (honeymoon)

Seduced in the Sleepless City

In Your Arms Tonight

– Kiyoto (wedding)

Be My Princess

– Zain (sequel) *

Love Letter from Thief X

– Yuki (proposal)
– Hiro (licensed to wed)
– Atsumu (licensed to wed)
– Riki (wedding)
– Atsumu (wedding)

My Sweet Bodyguard

– Subaru (wedding)
– Kaiji (wedding)
– Sora (wedding)
– Gotou (wedding)
– Kurosawa (wedding)

10 Days with My Devil

– Haruhito/Satoru (5 days a human)
– Shiki/Tsubasa (5 days a human)

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

– Haruki (10 years later) *
– Ryuuzou (10 years later) *
– Takeshi (10 years later) *
– Rihito (10 years later) *
– Jouji (10 years later) *
– Haruki (wedding)
– Takeshi (wedding)
– Rihito (wedding)

Class Trip Crush

– Taketo (our first) *
– Kanji (wedding)
– Nagisa (wedding)
– Taketo (honeymoon)
– Yasuto (honeymoon)
– Kanji (honeymoon)
– Homare (honeymoon)
– Nagisa (honeymoon)
– Yasuto (graduation trip crush)
– Kanji (graduation trip crush)
– Nagisa (graduation trip crush)

Our Two Bedroom Story

– Akiyoshi (no love allowed)

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

– Eisuke season 3 *
– Soryu season 3 *
– Baba season 3

Metro PD

– Hanai (armed and engaged)
– Himuro (armed and engaged)

Enchanted in the Moonlight

– Yukinojou (love nest for two)
– Samon (love nest for two)

First Love Diaries

– Mahiro (senior year)
– Souta (senior year)
– Mitsuru (senior year)
– Nao (college days)
– Yuuya (college days)
– Souta (college days)
– Mitsuru (college days)

Finally, in Love Again

– Aki (wedding)
– Momo (wedding)
– Sousuke (wedding)
– Kazuki (wedding)

True Love, Sweet Lies

– Rui sequel *
– Sakuya (season 2) *
– Rui (season 2)
– Naomasa (season 2)
– Nozomu (season 2)

Her Love in the Force

– Ayumu (meeting him)
– Ayumu (falling in love)

Star-Crossed Myth

– Karno (sequel) *

Scandal in the Spotlight

– Kyouhei (season 2)
– Iori (season 2)
– Kouta (season 2)
– Takashi (season 2)

My Wedding and 7 Rings

Hayami main story *
– Hayami sequel

Sakura Amidst Chaos

– Mitsuhide main story
– Saizou main story
– Mitsunari main story
– Kojuurou main story
– Kiyomasa main story
– Shingen main story
– Hanzou main story
– Nobunaga (love blooms) *
– Ieyasu (love blooms) *
– Nobunaga (in full blossom)
– Kenshin (in full blossom)
– Ieyasu (in full blossom)

Kiss Me on Clover Hill

– Daisuke main story
– Souichi (season 2)
– Chihiro (season 2)
– Shoukichi (season 2)
– Kazuto (season 2)
– Daisuke (season 2)
– Souichi (season 3)
– Bunta (season 3)
– Yuusuke (season 3)
– Chihiro (season 3)
– Shoukichi (season 3)
– Kazuto (season 3)
– Souichi (season 4)
– Bunta (season 4)
– Yuusuke (season 4)
– Chihiro (season 4)
– Shoukichi (season 4)
– Kazuki (season 4)


Forbidden Romance: Office Lovers

– Haruyuki main story

Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter

– Souichirou main story
– Ryuunosuke season 2

Forbidden Romance: Secrets of Me

– Akira main story

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23 Responses to Requests

  1. bees says:

    I have some problem with game’s updated today. when I go to the starting page it automatic out of game but I can’t erase game because i didn’t save password.

    Could you tell me other ways to solve this solution TAT

  2. Marie Gabrielle says:

    Hi. I’ve been playing Amnesia Memories on the Vita and I’ve successfully obtained the Good Ending for both the Shin and Touma route; however, the trophies for the Memories of Shin/Memories of Touma do not appear on my trophy list and didn’t pop up either when I unlocked their respective Good Ending trophies. Do I need to unlock all possible endings before obtaining the Memories trophy?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      The Memories trophies are CG-related and will unlock when you’ve unlock all of the respective character’s CGs. For Shin and Toma, everyone seems to be missing #17 for both, which is the air hockey intermission CGs. I unlocked them when I was going through Ukyo’s bad end. The answers I listed on Ukyo’s post will lead you to those CGs. Hope that helps!

  3. Marie Gabrielle says:

    I see! Thank you very much 🙂 I was worried my game had a glitch or something since the trophy name and the Memories section is a bit misleading.

  4. Kate says:

    Hi ! Can you please make more walkthrough for Storm Lover Kai on psp ? Especially for Rikka and Tsukaka >o<

  5. Kate says:

    oh I see thank you then 🙂

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’m in the middle of Souya’s right now, so I’ll have the others out within the next week or two! ;w; thank you for being patient with me hehe

      • Kate says:

        Oh it’s okay thank you very much :3
        I wish you could also make Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3 one day since I saw it’s one of your favorite otome game too! (if only there could be more english games on psp… ><)

        • welcometowonderland says:

          I can do that! I played TMGS3 a few years ago, but I thought there was already a walkthrough out there somewhere already in English, so I didn’t bother, haha. I can start once I finish up the walkthroughs for storm lover kai ;w;

  6. Kate says:

    There are already some but I think they’re not as clear as yours and I find them a little difficult to understand. So I prefer that you make one then I can play easier. But take your time, I know it’s long to make one. :B

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Ahhh I’m so glad you think my walkthroughs are clear; that’s one of my biggest worries! ;w; I’ll definitely get it done! I kind of enjoy making walkthroughs anyway since it helps me brush up on Japanese (and this will give me an excuse to play TMGS3 again! hehe) Btw, who’s your favorite? *w*

  7. Kate says:

    Sincerely you’re doing a very good job! it’s very helpful and easy for me to understand (I’m from France so I have some difficulties in english but everything is understandable on your blog :3).
    Oh are you really making the walkthroughs by your own way and with only a japanese guide ? I once try for Brothers Conflict and I was totally lost… >w<
    I don't have yet a favorite since I only have the opportunity to play a few of TMGS3 (because of the difficult walkthroughs haha), so… 😥 but who is your ?!

  8. doggy173 says:

    Hi! I love your blog, and I used your Amnesia and Code Realize walkthroughs extensively. Today, Norn9 Var Commons just got released, so I was wondering if you were planning on doing a walkthrough for it. I feel like I’d be so lost without you. 😅

    Thank you,

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I am! Except I went to gamestop today, and their shipment for norn9 was delayed, so I still don’t have the game yet ;A; but I think I’ll get a head start on the guide tonight or tomorrow anyway!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      By the way, were you able to get the game yet? ^o^ If you have, I was going to request your help to check over my answers to match the English version until I’m able to get my copy ;w;

  9. doggy173 says:

    Yeah, I got the game yesterday from Amazon since I preordered it. I’m not a fast player because I have school, but I can try to help you if you need it!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Ohh never mind, I got it today! It was just a one-day delay ;w; thank you though! I’ll do more walkthroughs tonight hehe

  10. Victoria says:

    Hello. I used your walkthrough Amnesia™: Memories to create the guide in the steam. Here is the link: Do you not mind, I hope?

  11. Tei Kamiya says:

    Hello! I’ve been using your walkthroughs ever since I started playing Amnesia. Same w/ Code:Realize & Norn9. Now I’m playing Ozmafia. I got all the Good Ends w/o sweat thanks to your walkthroughs! I hope you’ll make a walkthrough for Re:Birthday Song too when the english patch is done and released. Thank you! 😀

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Oh thanks for giving me a heads up! I’ve been looking forward to the English patch but stopped keeping up with updates hehe. I’ll do my best!

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